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Vehicle Owners Alarmed Over Increase in Spare Part Scavengers

By Mickey Kavera – EM TV, Port Moresby

With the high demand for vehicle parts on the black market, vehicle owners are becoming increasingly wary of spare parts scavengers.

However, a disturbing trend has provided them an avenue to ply their trade.

In the cation’s capital, vehicles involved in road accidents are been being stripped of their valuable parts and immediately burned.

Vehicle owners say it is disturbing and stressful to see an asset they have invested in have their parts stolen, destroyed by opportunists or both.

The general sentiment among drivers is that the lack of traffic police presence on the roads is seeing an increase in these arson cases. They want police to be tough on those who carry out this act to be prosecuted.

Authorities tasked to enforce the law on these opportunists have continued to remain silent.

As the silence grows, so too does this disturbing and worrying trend.

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