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January 29, 2022
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Two Mile Settlement Recieves Water

Member for Moresby South Justin Tkatchenko, thanked Eda Ranu for the delivery of its services to his electorate in the 2mile area of NCD.

“We haven’t had it easy here for a long, long time. And with the challenges of COVID19, coronavirus and the hygiene issues in washing your hands, washing your plates clothes, washing yourselves, its very important that the people here of two mile hill, which is actually a population of close to 2000”

The Minister says EDA Ranu’s support was based on humanitarian grounds.
Tkatchenko says, through covid19 funding for Moresby South, this arrangement was reached for the water project.

“Under the new government the government allocated funding, funding for water projects and sanitation projects for districts throughout the country”.

From the District Services Improvement Program funds for Moresby South, just under K125 000 has been allocated for work to be conducted immediately.

“This funding is to ensure that you get water to, as you’ve agreed, to the doorsteps of where you are living. Community taps, servicing 3 or 4 houses for each tap, providing water right to the area we’ve never had before”

Two mile, like most settlement area of the nation’s capital has suffered from lack of services, such as electricity, water, and sanitation.

Eda Ranu says 25 – 30% of water goes missing in settlements, with their acting Managing Director saying “Don’t forget that we need money to treat the water so that you can drink it – in a reference to the importance of paying for services.”

“At the same time in the reticulation system, we don’t want anyone to illegally connect to avoid an interruption into our system”.

This project is being rolled out to other settlements in all districts of NCD.

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