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Trukai Industries Limited is committed in ensuring safety of its employees through having a safe workplace, safe systems and controls and effective training for its staff facilitated by qualified and certified trainers.

The industry achieved a safety milestone of 1000 days or six million man-hours Loss Time Injury (LTI) free which was dated back to the 12th of August 2020.

The 1000 days LTI free safety achievement follows Trukai Industries recertification for meeting a global standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems under the ISO 45001:2018 standard in August 2022.

Trukai Industries General Manager for Operations, Risk and Corporate Services David Newton commended employees for the achievement.

“A zero Loss Time Injury measure for 1000 days is a huge achievement for the business and it demonstrates how important safety is at Trukai Industries as the company has a very high safety standard with a positive safety culture across the business,” Newton said.

Through several proactive measures, the company not only maintains a safe working environment but also ensures that safety systems and controls that addresses identified hazards to minimize employee risks are in place.

“Some of the actions to implement controls that address identified hazards include the provision of suitable PPE, employee attendance of comprehensive safety trainings, encouragement to achieve a safe working environment through employee recognition for staff members who identify and report potential risks or hazards,” Newton said.

“While other actions include conducting annual audits and inspections to identify new or persisting hazards and risks and securing ownership and compliance from senior management to assist in fostering a culture of Safety First and transparency within the company.

“These are all proactive actions along with our leading and lagging indicators that we are proud of in driving compliance throughout our business,” he said.

The Trukai Industries CEO Alan Preston also encouraged employees to maintain the Trukai safety culture.

“It is the responsibility of each individual employee to continue to maintain these high safety standards by ensuring we all work safely whilst complying with the controls that are in place. Our aim is to get our employees safe to their families every day,” Preston said.

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