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Struggling Parent Wants District to Intervene

Noreen Fanio from Green-River in Vanimo, like many parents throughout the country, is struggling to pay school fees for her children.

Noreen is also the Women’s Rep in Green River.

The Mother of three now is calling on the District to assist her and other mothers with a vehicle so they can transport their market goods to and from the market.

According to Fanio, the local MP had bought a vehicle for the Women’s Office, however, the vehicle is being used by a community leader for his own private use. And she wants the District to intervene and return the vehicle to the Women’s Office.

“We are earning our living through selling our goods. And women are burdened with the task of making money for the children’s school fees,” says Fanio.

“The member must see this and provide us with the transportation we need,” added Fanio.

Fanio’s eldest daughter will be doing grade 11 at Vanimo-Green Secondary School as a boarding student.

Last week, she sold betelnuts and smoked fish at Wara Dio to raise some money to pay for her children’s school fees. She had to walk for two hours to reach the market.

With the little money she made, she made K500 part payment to register her daughter while K150 for her two other children.

Like many other parents, the school fees are too high for them to pay in full, she promised the school she would pay the fees in installments in due course.

“It’s hard for us to pay in full, the amount is too much for us.”

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