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Small Rural School Adheres To Government Directives Under COVID-19 SOE

A small rural school in the Daulo District of Eastern Highlands Province has taken on COVID-19 preventative measures seriously and are not taking any risks.

Kombofari Elementary School is not taking any risks and the head teacher says this also helps the young children practice good hygiene.

All schools around the country are required by the government’s directives under the SOE orders to take on preventative measures for COVID-19.

Students at Kombofari Elementary School are all required to practice social distancing, wear masks and practice good hygiene.

The elementary school accommodates just over 80 students, from five villages within the district.
And as with many schools in rural areas, water continues to be a big challenge.

School Head Teacher, Goreno Hatiho, told EMTV News that they try their best to find a way around the challenge.

They remain grateful to the Provincial Government who provided funding for the COVID-19 essentials for preventative measures in the schools.

With material bought, mothers in the villages sewed masks for the children to wear to classes.


This news content is supported with funding from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

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