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Sea Piracy – Safety Tips whilst at Sea

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Sea piracy in Papua New Guinea is a growing concern.

People rely on the water ways in and around their communities, villages, towns, or wherever it may be, for a number of reasons but most importantly for access.

However, there are barriers to ensuring that our water ways are safe for seafarers.

So what can we do to individually to avoid the associated risks? Here are a few safety tips to consider whilst travelling out at sea.


Be Vigilant

Most attacks whether on land or out at sea occur when we’re caught off guard and therefore we need to be vigilant to ensure our safety at sea.

Pay attention to your surroundings especially when you notice other small crafts or vessels travelling towards, parallel or following the same course as yours.

These crafts or vessels may travel at the same speed or faster than yours.


Boat Traps

According to an article by the Telegraph UK, nets and wires can be used to snare and entangle to propellers of pirates as they approach.






Always ensure that someone you know knows where you are going or when you will be arriving by informing them of your location and estimated time of arrival.

This will allow them alert authorities if you do not arrive or they have not heard from you.




It is strongly discouraged to carry firearms as they may cause more harm to not only yourself but to those you hope to protect, or even anyone who just happens to be there at the time.

However, in the event that it is absolutely important to carry a firearm for safety purposes, ensure that it is kept away from those aboard.

Ensure that it is not loaded and only do so if and when need be.

Again, it is strongly discouraged to carry firearms.

Travel in Numbers

As they say ‘safety in numbers’ the same goes for sea travel.

Where possible try to travel alongside another sea craft or vessel, together the risks associated individually may be reduced as passengers on a number of crafts can warn each other of possible threats or may discourage potential attack.



Avoid Night Travel

Try not to travel at night as this may be the perfect time for attacks.

If it is absolutely crucial that you travel at night ensure you are alert at all times and that you have good strong lighting so that you can monitor other seas crafts or vessels at sea.

Help yourself avoid the risks associated with sea travel by taking steps to avert sea piracy attacks.

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