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Ialibu-Pangia Mama Halipim Mama Financial Services gets K1 million boost

More than 50,000 local women from Ialibu-Pagia in the Southern Highlands Province will benefit from the SME sector.

Local woman, Ruth Undi, committed K1 million as seed capital to Ialibu- Pangia Mama Halipim Mama Financial Services to help them venture into agriculture and start-up small businesses to sustain their livelihood.

New Zealand High Commissioner, Tony Fautua, accompanied Ruth and delegates to Ialibu to launch the association this week.

Rarely in the country will you find people like Ruth Yalo Undi, who generously gives back something worth K1 million back to the community.

Ruth, a successful businesswoman hails from the Ialibu-Pangia District in the Southern Province.

As a woman growing up in the village and seeing the struggles and hardships her mother and other women faced in the community, she was inspired to contribute something profitable to her people.

Even husband Roxon Undi and brother Karl Yalo were shocked to hear her K1 million commitment to Ialibu-Pangia Mama Halipim Mama Financial Services during the association’s launching ceremony.

Despite heavy rainfall, people gathered in numbers at the Ialibu Station to receive the envoy with traditional dancers. Most significantly they were determined to receive the outcome of this gathering.

The Ialibu-Pangia Mama Halipim Mama Financial comprises of 50,000 registered women groups from these 5 LLG’s of East Pangia, Ialibu Basin, Imbongu Proper, Kewabi and South Pangia.

New Zealand High Commissioner, Tony Fautua, was very pleased with Ruth’s initiatives to support and empower local women by creating avenues for them to venture into agriculture and micro finance businesses.

The association’s office will accommodate in trainings and official duties for mothers.

There are also two agriculture expatriates from Philippines, Jonathan Farochilin and Neptali Tomaro, were on the ground carrying out assessment for farming in the area.

The women were excited to be part of this concept which will bring them fortune in many years to come.

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