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August 4, 2021

Russian Doctor Kills Patient With Fatal Punch

by Juanita Nonwo – EM TV Online

A Russian male doctor who tried to help out a female colleague after a male patient assaulted her may be facing serious charges that could also see him spending up to two years in jail.

Shocking footage captured on CCTV, which went viral on social media sit’s, showed the doctor throwing a fatal punch to the patient’s head that knocked him out instantly to his death.

A statement released by the Belgorod investigative committee said: …the doctor confronted a bare-chested man who had potentially man-handled a female nurse. The doctor said: “Why did you touch the nurse?” before pushing him out of the doorway. When the man returned, the doctor delivered the fatal blow to the face.

According to the CCTV video footage, the patient is seen bare-chested while another hospital staff member is examining him on a bench, when the female nurse who was allegedly man handled by the patient walks in pointing out her perpetrator to which the doctor walks over and pulls him up and shoves him out of the door. Someone accompanying the patient tries to intervene only to get assaulted by the doctor. When the patient enters the room again the doctor turns around and throws a powerful punch right at the patient’s head knocking him down to the floor.

After, when they realise the patient lying in a non-moving state, the doctor tries to revive him. After about 7 minutes of trying, nothing more could be done except to carry him away.

The incident occurred on December 29, 2015, in a hospital located in the Russian city of Belgorod, about 670km south of Moscow, Russia’s capital; according to the Russian media, the doctor is identified as surgeon, Ilya Zelendinov, and the patient as 56-year-old, Yevgeny Bakhtin.

The delay of investigations into the video footage has led to accusations of a cover up.

The Russian authorities have now placed an inquiry into the incident. 

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