Public Urged to Take Precaution Along the Poreporena Freeway

Motorists and pedestrians were strongly urged to take precaution  for safety along the Poreporena Freeway as it undergoes a major rehabilitation, Acting City Manager, Kenneth Atasoa said in a press release yesterday (April 23). Mr. Atasoa made this strong appeal following cases of near accidents on the sections of the freeway where work is currently undertaken.

“Firstly, let me apologize to the travelling public on behalf of the NCDC Board and management for any inconvenience the roadworks may be causing at this time but I wish to also appeal to everyone for patience and understanding as work progresses. More importantly, I call on the travelling public using the Poreporena Freeway to take every care possible as work on upgrading the Freeway progresses,” Mr. Atasoa considerately emphasized.

The Acting City Manager stressed on the important requirements of safety for everyone in such big projects and the NCDC and the contractor have given this aspect a priority consideration knowing the impact the upgrading work will have on the daily routine of the public.

“We all need to take every care that we are required to take in this circumstance. I urge everyone moving around in the project area either driving or walking to observe all relevant signage installed and to be mindful that the use of the Freeway at this time is restricted due to the upgrading work. I seek everyone’s co-operation at this time,” Atasoa said.

The public was informed on the closure of the freeway due to the rehabilitation program and the usual public safety expectations through a newspaper advertisement early this month. The notice mentioned the rearrangement of the freeway to accommodate the working progress currently happening simultaneously at two to three different locations and is expected to increase to five to seven locations when work intensifies. The rehabilitation work is expected to be completed by end of October 2018.

“Safety for everyone is important as work progresses and I strongly urge everyone to observe this need while traveling through the affected areas of the Freeway,” Mr. Atasoa elaborated.

The upgrading work on the Poreporena Freeway is a K 110 million Chinese government aid project to the Government and the people of Papua New Guinea as part of its contribution towards PNG’s preparation for APEC. The assistance includes the construction of a six lane boulevard linking Waigani Drive and Parliament House.

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