Progress Women Empowerment In PNG Society

There is progress toward the empowerment of women in Papua New Guinea society. This includes the participation of women on the political front.  


However violence against women is still of grave concern.

A United Nations report reveals on a national scale, violence against women puts pressure on healthcare and justice systems, decreases economic productivity, and impacts national budgets and the achievement of development goals.


It’s on this note that a special two-day women’s empowerment workshop will be held tomorrow in the Nation’s Capital.


Specially selected women and men from around the country are expected to attend the event.


It’s being organised by the U.S embassy, and the UN office in PNG.


One woman, who advocates for partnerships between both genders, is Juvenile Court officer, Marie Balil. Through her many years of working with the office, she has experienced that many times the blame automatically falls on the mother.


She wants a mindset change, for society to accept that it’s reasonable for men to take up roles that are perceived to be for women alone.


There is progress, Women’s Democratic representation and participation has increased, with three women elected to parliament in 2012. 


Last year, 45 women were elected into office or leadership positions in Local Level Governments. 


The Family Protection Act 2013 was passed, and the Sorcery Act 1971 was repealed.


And for the record, there is now an emergence of male advocacy groups.

The need now is to praise men for their efforts into breaking barriers.


That is taking up roles that are normally perceived by society to be only for women.

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