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Prime Minister says, 2nd LNG Project must Benefit Landowners

The PNC election campaign took the Prime Minister to Kerema yesterday where he told the people that the second LNG project will make a big difference in Gulf, and the Government will negotiate a better deal for them. He said the governments promises are not the hollow and dishonest as claimed by the Opposition side.

Mr O’Neill said the PNC-led Government has proven its commitment and will continue to deliver for another five years if voted in. He said Gulf is finally seeing real changes after many years, and more worked is needed.

The Prime Minister was joined by Gulf Governor, Havila Kavo, Kerema Open Candidate, George Mero, and former Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta.

Mr O’Neill highlighted the importance of honesty in the election campaign, as well as the great opportunity ahead.

In the final days of the 2017 election campaign, the Prime Minister said the choice before every Papua New Guinean is whether they continue to rebuild the nation and continue the positive change that has been delivered by a PNC-led Government.

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