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Poroi Communities in Gulf move away from Traditional Birth practices

Women in the Poroi Community along the Purari River are now moving away from traditional birth practices.

A health officer says a new rural aid post is encouraging women to seek proper health services and openly discuss issues with male health officers.

A barrier where modern health is positively impacting for rural communities in this part of Gulf province.

With a new aid post constructed and open to use, the Community Health Worker is seeing a shift away from traditional birth cultures. With the facility boasting a proper delivery bed, women are turning in numbers to access this facility.

Susan Karara a Community Health Officer says women are now seeking better health services at the Aid Post. “The women have now stopped giving birth in the bush”, this is a breakthrough for the Community in Poroi”, said Karara.

Women are accessing health services and receiving health education.

The health officer believes modern health concepts will help improve child birth in the area.


By Jack Lapauve Jr, EMTV News, Port Moresby

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