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Prime Minister James Marape is calling on the Police Force to perform their duties by arresting perpetrators who assault women and girls.

He made the call following the news of a young girl raped, which was circulated on social media prompting citizens and prominent people residing in Port Moresby to protest and petition the government to look into the matter.

While Prime Minister was away in East New Britain province for other commitments, he tasked Police Commissioner David Manning to receive the petition from protesters and perform his duty in arresting the perpetrators.

The protesters are calling on the government to tighten up laws on all forms of violence on women and girls in the country, make arrest and charge those who break the law in order to reduce it.

“I have asked the Police Commissioner to attend to, receive the petition and for police to do their job in making arrests on all law-and-order related issues including assaults of all forms on our daughters and mothers. PM Marape said.

“My government’s policy focus is more money to Police, Magisterial and Judicial services in 2023 than other governments in the past years. We have passed tougher laws like life imprisonment for rapists and gun handlers so it is now on law enforcement agencies to do their jobs.

“It cannot be the Prime Minister doing the police and magistrates’ job. Police must do their jobs of arresting offenders, prosecuting the case and securing convictions on those who break laws in our country. My job is to pass laws and allocate enough money, both of which we have secured for 2023. Police right across our country must do their jobs.

“We will continue to increase funding and build capacity in our police, courts, and correctional facilities going forward over the next 10 years so we arrest and eradicate this scourge from our country. It has never been part of our Melanesian culture; it is against our Christian principles.

“I will continue to work to empower the whole of law enforcement agencies to deliver life imprisonments with hard labor for those convicted of offenses against our daughters and women,” PM Marape said.

Women and girls also play significant roles in the development of the country so they should be respected.  

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