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PMV Drivers Call for Bulolo Highway Maintenance

THE chairman of the Klinki PMV Association in Bulolo District in Morobe, Dan Nali has called on the Government to fix the deteriorating Wau-Bulolo Highway.
The road from Wau-Bulolo to Lae has deteriorated to a state where it has become a threat to the travelling public, with increased traffic accidents.

The highway also has economic benefits as it serves two existing gold mines, and is also used to transport coffee and garden produce to Lae.

This part of the deteriorating Wau-Bulolo National Highway is located in the Huon Gulf district. It starts from 9 mile in Lae, and ends here, at the border of Huon Gulf and Bulolo district.

It continues into Bulolo and further to Wau, Aseki and Menyamya district. For more than 10 years, the road has been impassable for vehicles.

The Chairman for Klinki PMV Service in Bulolo District, Dan Nali, says much needs to be done to this deteriorating road.

The Wau-Bulolo road is the only connection, linking the district of Wau with the provincial capital, Lae.

It was built during the early exploration of the Gold rush in the Wau-Bulolo area in the early 1930s.

Much of this road was left unfixed after a rehabilitation years back. The road link is not only used by commuters travelling to Wau and Bulolo from Lae. It is also an important one for the Wafi Gold Project.

Over the last six years, equal blame on road accidents has been leveled against careless drivers.

While the awareness on road safety continues, reports of road accidents and deaths will also continue as roads and other infrastructure are left to deteriorate.

The National and Provincial Government have been urged to work closely with the district authorities to seal up the road and make it safe and accessible by all.

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