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Photography and Fashion Modelling Businesses Can Complement Each Other

Elizah Palme – EMTV Online, Port Moresby 

Fashion modelling is somewhat related to photography and history confirms that the camera played a very important role in the initiation of modelling.

Venessa Helmer of The Balance wrote that until the late 1800s, modelling was primarily a term (from the Middle French word ‘modelle’) used to describe people posing for a portrait.  It has been reported that upon the invention of the camera, people would pose for more than painted portraits, and soon, ads featuring pictures of men and women were added to newspapers.

Modelling as a profession has recently hit the shores of Papua New Guinea and is slowly growing roots in a country of diverse cultures. In all Fashion modelling shows, one can hardly miss a team of passionate photographers with their flashy cameras. For as many as witnessed a modelling competition, a model’s ‘catwalk’ and pose is always complimented with flashes of cameras. It has always been a side-by-side walk in the history of modelling. Thus it is the means to the end of modelling.

Modelling organisers and leaders in Papua New Guinea have also emphasised the importance of photography.

“Runaway also presents the opportunity for models to get some training exposure to working with photographers, even also walking in front of audiences,” said Amanda Donigi, Publisher /Editor of Stella Magazine which also runs STELLA RUNWAY, a fashion and design extravaganza.

PNG is a land of creativity as portrayed in all the different traditional designs and arts across the land and merging this with fashion can bring the industry to a whole new level.

Entertainment events like the World Supermodel Pageant, Miss South Pacific Pageant and Miss PNG Pageant creates opportunity for growth and expansion in the Fashion Industry. Also, Indigenous designers emerge as the fashion industry grows, resulting in a boost in the photography business.

Meanwhile, Fashion Modelling Industry has already affected the business landscape in PNG and modelling can become a profession in the near future.

Image: Photos from Papua New Guinea by Calgary photographer, Gary Campbell. A Wonu Clan Warrior at Kofure Ridge near the coastal village of Tari. GARY CAMPBELL PHOTOGRAPHY INC. 

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