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Parents Set up Medical Appeal for Son with Thalassemia

The parents of a 3-year-old boy, Esthon Bog, diagnosed with thalassemia are putting out a special medical appeal for generous donors to help them get advanced medical treatment overseas.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder. Esthon’s father, Buka Bog, says Esthon has been on blood transfusion since 2017 but it is only a support treatment and not a cure for thalassemia.

3-year-old Esthon Bog


For this they are looking at advanced treatment like bone marrow transplant overseas to help their little boy.

Esthon was first diagnosed with thalassemia in 2017 when he was just 8 months old.

Based on his medical report, Esthon has been frequently admitted at Madang Provincial Hospital’s Children’s ward to receive a blood transfusion.

This is because of the reappearance of Anemia, a condition in which the body lacks enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues.

Special care is required to look after Esthon, doctors have advised that certain foods are not allowed for little Esthon to eat.

The parents are looking at advanced treatments of Bone Marrow transplant and Iron Chelation treatment.

However, to seek medical treatment overseas will cost them a lot of money.

Thus, they are kindly appealing to any individuals or generous donors who are willing to assist them.

To those who want to help Esthon’s parents they have set up a Bank account at BSP where you can put in any amount of money to help them in raising funds.

Details of the account, (Account name: Esthon Bog, Account number: 7010328412)

By Martha Louis, EMTV News, Madang.

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