North East Candidates want change in Leadership

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A North East candidate in NCD said the electorate lacks vision, despite seeing few developments in the past three years. People’s Progress Party Candidate John Varey told EMTV News, people must vote wisely.

There have been very strong campaigns by candidates running against sitting MP, Labi Amaiu. Varey spoke of the need to systematically improve the delivery of services in the North East electorate. He said despite the poor economic state and other issues crippling the delivery of services, a visionary leader can make a difference.

Varey’s campaign policy is financial freedom for every person in a Community. He added that this will help alleviate poverty and decrease unemployment; two main issues he believes that are common in the Moresby North East electorate.

John Varey is against 50 other candidates, including sitting MP, Labi Amaiu.

In NCD, the Moresby North East seat has the highest number of candidates contesting, including 6 women.

Candidates like John Kaupa have contested for the last two elections, and is not taking this election lightly. Carl Okuk is another candidate vying for the post, and wants a change in the District’s leadership.

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