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New Police Vehicle for Sumkar District Cops

Sumkar District through its initiative to boost law and order has presented a new police vehicle to Talidig police situation along the north coast road of Madang.

The District has also bought new police vehicles for Karkar LLG in efforts to maintain the high number of criminal activities in the two LLGs of Sumkar District.

Madang provincial police commander Acting Sup, Mazuc Rubiang, warned his officers to look after the vehicle and use it to respond to incidents and not any other purposes.

Sumkar Member Chris Yer Nangoi yesterday presented a new police vehicle to Talidig police station officers in Sumkibar LLG.

This is the third police vehicle Sumkar District had purchased under its law and order program.

“We have a big population here in Sumkilbar LLG, thus through the District Development Authority’s inititative has decided to break up the money DDA received to boost law and order. The same support was also given to Karkar LLG where there is also an increase in criminal activities. For Karkar LLG the District also bought two police vehicle and a boat”.

Further developments in terms of police assistance are already in place and will be carried out in the coming months.

The local Member made a pledge to buy another police vehicle for Talidig police given that they look after the first one presented.

For Talidig police, for 2020 the District has decided to purchased a new police vehicle with plans to fix the Talidig police station in terms of fencing, and police houses. But it is important that police you look after the new police vehicle and attend to incidents.”

Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent, Mazuc Rubiang, warned officers to take care of the vehicle and not abuse its intended purpose of attending to incidents.

Rubiang cautioned officers not to use the new vehicle to socialize and not attending to police duties.

The new police vehicle belongs to the people and police officers you must make sure you do not abuse the vehicle to drink or socialize, because of such behavior we police spoilt vehicles. It is your duty to use the new vehicle to carry out policing duties in Sumkilbar LLG”.

Rubiang says there is a lot of criminal activities in the two LLGs of Sumkar District and acknowledged the District’s support in boosting police resource capacity in the District.

Karkar LLG also has a lot of law and order problems but thank you for your continuous support this year in helping police on the island with two vehicles and a boat. Through the good support I have with Sumkar we have addressed some of the law and order situations on the island.

By Martha Louis, EMTV News, Madang

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