Namah On Policies Stolen

Opposition Leader Belden Namah says the O’Neill Dion Government has stolen two of his party policies; the free education and health policies.


He says he also has good alternate policies in place but refuses to offer to the government, and is calling for a partnership of leaders who have the interest of the people at heart.

Opposition Leader Belden Namah believes that the nation has lost confidence in the performance of the current government.


He said this yesterday in a media conference while commenting on the sacking of Don Polye as Treasurer.


He said if there was a need for change, he and his 5 members of opposition, were looking forward to it.


He commended the members of opposition for standing with him through thick and thin, and said this was the kind of leadership members of parliament should display.


Even though they have not received their DSIP funds, he said they sticked together, to provide checks and balance on the government.


He also said his party had many good policies in store but would not reveal it to the government, even though he’s been told time and again by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, and other ministers to provide alternate policies to the government.


In the meantime, Namah has described the sacking of Polye and Duma as suspicious, given that the negotiations for the second LNG project and the government trying to obtain a loan of K3 billion from the UBS Investment bank, to buy back Oil Search shares traded, to obtain the IPIC loan.

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