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Port Moresby
January 23, 2021

Minimum Wages Implementation

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It’s good news for minimum wage earners, the National Minimum Wage has been gazette, and it stands at K3.20.

In a news conference, all parties involved in the New Minimum Wage Determination, headed by Secretary for Labour & Industrial Relations, George Vaso, called on all companies and businesses to comply with the minimum wage of K3.20.


Special exemption has been given to the agriculture sector, which is considered the backbone of the country.


Since 2008, the National Minimum Wage Determination was set at K2.29.


Moving forward in 2014, the new National Minimum wage is 91 toea more, settling at K3.20.


However, it will further increase to K3.36 per hour, after 12 months from July 3, the day of gazettal.


Mr Vaso said special exemption has been given to the agriculture sector and struggling businesses, where the minimum wage stands at K3.20 per hour, and will increase to K3.50 after 12 months.


A special committee comprising Labour & Industrial Relations, Employers Federation, and Trade Union Congress, will be set up and chaired by Mr. Vaso.


It has given all business houses and companies three months to justify, why they must be exempted from implementing the new National Minimum Wage.


Businesses are also urged to contact the Office of the Industrial Arbitration and Minimum Wages Board on 321 2749 or 321 2620.


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