LNG LO’s Strategise To Petition Government

The four impacted villages of the LNG Plant are strategizing to petition the National Government over outstanding benefIts

These villages are Boera, Porebada, Papa and Lealea in the Kairuku Hiri electorate of Central Province.


These villages have formed a LNG Plant Site Grievances Taskforce, and have set a timeframe of two weeks before a petition is made.


Leaders from the four affected villages of the LNG Plant Site gathered yesterday at Lealea village, to strategize their next move.


A Taskforce team was formed six weeks back, for the purpose of drawing up a petition instrument to take up to government.


These group say, they have been denied their benefits since the inception of the project seven years ago.


They say the terms in the Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement still remain a dream while the position papers financed by the Infrastructure Development Grants, have not taken place even after the first export of the LNG gas.


These landowners claim that certain individuals have been benefiting from the project, and marked this grievance as one of the points in their eight points petition.


Their Member has thrown his support for this course by assisting the Taskforce with some funding, to assist with administrative work.


Chairman of the taskforce, Tau Tau, said they should have a action plan by the end of this week, before conducting awareness in the villages.


The government will then be given seven days’ notice to respond, and if that is unsuccessful, a protest will be staged to present their petition.

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