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June 24, 2021
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Meet Our Mr Wokap of Nondgul

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By Teine Korokoi – Mi Ripot

Everywhere in Papua New Guinea, young and old fill potholes and qualify themselves to set up barricade along any road that cars pass and demand money. If landslides cut away half of the road or a bridge is washed away by flood, it’s a divine blessing for money rain in the minds of landowners.

It has started in the Highlands and now, it’s being picked up by other regions in PNG. We are transitioning into a ‘dependency society’ where people believe in easy and fast money than hard work and scavenge off each other for survival.

Amongst the lazy and the opportunists, here is a gentleman who has never asked for any single toea from the commuters and vehicles or the Local Level Government, District or Province for maintenance and upkeeping of a 2 kilometer stretch of road and the landscaping and beautification of Government Offices.

Meet Mr. Wokap of Dalwakan Clan, Kombulno 2 ward, Nondugl LLG, Jiwaka Province. For the last 6/7 years, he wakes up very early in the morning and sets off to work on the stretch of road between the river Hal Bridge and Nondugl station. Every pothole is filled, flowers lining the side of the road is pruned, planted or weeded, with his own tools and necessary equipment.

Being a very industrious man himself, Wokap has the time to make gardens for his family, attend to his coffee trees and still has time to attend to the roads and district headquarters.

We all complain about Government’s lack of focus on development and empowerment but if we take time to do what we can within our capacity or professionalism, I think this country will be a heaven to live in. I am very guilty of doing nothing but criticizing the Government and Leaders for their inaction.

If Papua New Guinea had 8 million of Mr. Wokap, I can only imagine paradise.

I am sure there are Government Organizations/Institutions and NGOs that award certain honors in recognition of such people with the heart to voluntarily do something for the benefit and greater of good the community.

The pictures are proof of his works and himself with his wheelbarrow.

May God Bless Mr. Wokap and grant him longevity so he can continue his good work.

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