Media Outlet Sued

Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi has instructed his lawyers to file defamatory proceedings against Post Courier and two businessmen from his own province.

His action is a result of a news report published by the paper accusing the governor of squandering millions of PSIP funds.


His lawyers will also file similar proceedings against two other people who have made defamatory remarks against him on Facebook.


Governor William Powi is aggravated by the newspaper report of 3rd June 2014, which alleged that he and his provincial government had misused the K25 million of provincial services improvement program funds.


He said in a statement that the news report which attributed the facts to the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in Southern Highlands, Beri Mini, and the Chairman of Business Against Corruption, Garry Kulangil, were misleading and insulted him as an elected leader of the province.


He has instructed his lawyers yesterday, to institute law suits against these men and the Mt Hagen based reporter, Jonny Poiya, and the Publisher, Post Courier.


He said Mr Mini and Kulangil should not politicise the respective offices they hold and should give up their duties because their actions did not represent these offices.


Governor Powi further said both the national and provincial governments had policy guidelines to assist small to medium enterprises and they should utilise these services.


He said a full report on the use of PSIP funds was presented to the Department of Rural Development last month.


On the other hand, governor Powi has also instructed his lawyers to file similar proceedings against Sylvester Komba, a candidate for the Southern Highlands Provincial seat in 2012, whom he claims has also made malicious and defamatory remarks against him.


Another unnamed person who has also used nude pictures to destroy the governor’s character will also be tried in court.

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