Lentil & Ham Soup

This is a hearty soup and can be a whole meal because it contains so much goodness.


    * Pieces of Ham
    * Green lentils
    * Carrots
    * Celery
    * Potato
    * Spinach
    * Onions
    * Garlic
    * Chicken Stock
    * Crushed pepper & Salt


1.    In a separate cooking pot boil your lentils till they are cooked just right don’t over boil them.

2.    In a large pot pour a bit of olive oil and throw in diced oinions, garlic, carrots, potato, ham and let it cook.

3.    When your carrots potatoes and onions are cooked add chopped celery and spinach and add chicken stock.

4.    Finally add your cooked lentils and let it all cook together.

5.    Add salt and crushed pepper for taste.

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