Mangrove Forest A Concern

The increase in sea levels is causing a double concern for our coastal villages. Not only it is pushing villagers inland, but it is also destroying their survival grounds at a faster rate.

One village in Central is afraid it will lose a huge area of its mangrove forest in a space of twenty years. Even the planting of new mangroves is seeing less improvement to the land already lost to the sea.

Kido village is one of the many affected by the increase in sea levels. It is the village with the biggest mangrove forest. The villagers depend entire on mangrove as it provides food and other building materials needed for their survival.


This video shows just how much land has been destroyed by high tide, strong winds, and big waves. The villagers are concern, there will be less food and building materials available for them if the sea level continues to increase.


The biggest destructions happen during the Lahara Season when the West Winds blows. That is from October to January every year. During Lahara, the village experiences huge waves caused by strong winds.


Village elders are now appealing to the concerned authorities for to assist them in decreasing the damages caused by the rise in sea levels. Plans are underway to bulldoze this part of the village, to reclaim the land covered by sea.

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