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June 28, 2022

Lae’s Limki Settlement: The Struggle After Clashes

About 300 women and children continue to live without proper homes, after their houses were burned in fighting, last month.

While the men did the fighting, the women and children have borne the brunt of the difficulties faced after the fights. This is just one of many communities caught up in the monotony of alcohol related, ethnic clashes in Lae City.


The aftermath of clashes in Lae’s settlements are often ugly. When the men fight, the women and children are always the worst affected. They become homeless with no water, and no food.


Muing Zunga has lived at Lae’s Limki settlement, outside of Lae. Most of her life, she brought her children up in this block of land, and today lives with her grand children.


She says they are struggling to find food and water, after the clashes when their drums got burnt.


For Limki settlement along the speed way, leading to Taraka, in the outskirts of Lae, life has always been hard, but after the fighting, things got worse.


Dasiro Siaro and her four children, stood outside their makeshift home, as her kitchen was burnt down last month. She says it has been difficult to cook for her family.


Most have lost everything they owned, things that they’ve bought over a long period time, and for now, it will take even longer for them to get back.


A community leader, Justin Bao says the clash began after a group accused the people, for harboring an escaped criminal. 400 people are now homeless, because of  this incident. This isn’t the only clash that has happened in Lae.


Bumbu, Busulum, Bumayong and Kamkumung are hot spots for ethnic clashes that arise as a result of alcohol consumption.


The most recent one, that happened at the Backroad area, started from a domestic issue and escalated into a full-blown clash.


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