Lae Roads Continued Transformation

The condition of Lae roads 3 years ago is very different to the what it looks like today.

The once famously called “Pothole City” is gradually being transformed into being a cement city. For the commuters in Lae, confidence is returning.


“The government has seen to our needs by building new roads. We are happy to see this new road they have built.” says one Lae commuter and resident.


The state of Lae roads used to be one of the main attentions for the Lae residents. Over the last four years, Lae has been battling against a battered image of potholes; a combination of government neglect and unpredictable weather patterns has contributed towards the steady deterioration of the roads and public confidence of the road upgrades had dipped over the years.


Lae City is changing. Lae is beginning to feature prominently in government discussions, as the city will become the center of economic activities in the country. More than one hundred million kina from the national government has been spent on the Lae roads rehabilitation program. The delay of the road maintenance over the last three years has been caused by a dual lack of funding and the awarding of contracts to appropriate contractors.


In the next few months the construction of the Lae/ Nadzab highway will be begin, with the aim of reducing traffic congestion caused by big trucks bound for the Highlands.


Also, in November, Lae will host the 2014 PNG Games. As the city gears up for the event, the Morobe Governeor, Kelly Naru says he expects the roads to be completed before the games begin.

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