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Lae Residents Worried

Lae residents are worried that the uplift of the ban on Wanbel Alcohol will do more harm than good.

Some mothers say the alcohol should be taken off the shelves for good as they have witnessed enough unusual behavior among those who consume.

Tamala James was one of them. She said she had witnessed her son behaving unusually after drinking  Wanbel alcohol.

“After drinking our children come and damage our home, some sleep naked and even excrete themselves.”

“When youths in the village drink, their behavior is very strange, they do all sorts of things after they drink, if you saw their behavior, you’d be afraid,” said another woman, Geam Isaac.

The Wanbel Alcohol Factory in Lae was told by City Health Authorities to stop operations last month, for an indefinite period for not complying with government regulations.

This followed complaints from Lae residents regarding the effects and damages caused by the alcohol.

The LULLG health authority requested a second lab test from the National Analytical Lab at Unitech which shows an increased percentage of alcohol, compared to what was labelled on the product – the results, however, did not show the volume of the product sample.

“Some of us women have already tried that alcohol, we don’t mix it, we drink it straight because its ready mix, it makes you get drunk very quickly,” said another woman, Lydia James.

The temporary closure notice was uplifted by LULLG city Manager Joel Kolam, based on a second lab test result from the NAL and a medical report from Angau Hospital Emergency and Accident Unit.

A youth from the gravel community in Kamkumung, Wagel Bagon, said youths were also not happy with the uplift of the ban.

‘As youths, we have seen what that (particular) alcohol has done, we know the situations in the settlements, therefore, we were happy with the ban but now, we are not happy with the decision to uplift the ban.”

A landowner from Butibum, Andy Buala said they want a complete ban on the alcohol product.

Meanwhile, the city manager said individuals should consume the alcohol responsibly.

By Sharlyne Eri – EM TV News, Lae

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