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Kumbu Primary School appeal for classroom

Kumbu Primary School in Kabwum District needs about fifty thousand kina to complete a double storey building. Head Teacher, Goldie Talowani, said work on the building began in 2015, however stopped last year due to funding constraints.

Incomplete classroom structure at Kumbu Primary School

The new structure, once completed, will replace old and worn out classrooms which date back to the 1980s.

Mr Talowani said the condition of the classrooms pose a risk for students especially during natural disasters like earthquakes. Kumbu Primary School has eight classes from grades 3 to 8 and has a student population of over three thousand students.

One of the old classrooms at Kumbu Primary School

Mr Talowani said the school receives K3,000 in GTFS quarterly which is prioritized on school materials.

Parents are charged only K100 instead of the standard K300 in project fee due to the difficulty of income generation at the rural setting.

The school has exhausted all its resources on the construction of the new structure and is now calling for donations to complete the building.

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