Klapat Confused: Solomon Remains Secretary

NEC appointed Secretary for Community Development, Religion and Youth, Anna Solomon, remains in office despite a court decision to have Joseph Klapat reinstated as the secretary.

Ms. Solomon told EMTV News that among priority areas this year; she is focused on strengthening the relationship between the department, and donor partners.


Mr. Klapat, on the other hand, is in total confusion with the recent court decision and NEC decision, saying it has destroyed him.


The NEC appointed Secretary Anna Solomon told EMTV News that her appointment by the National Executive Council last week, was legal. Ms. Solomon remains in office.


Among her priority areas now, is to build the relationship between her department, and donor partners.


Ms. Solomon said donor partners will be playing a key role in assisting the implementation of key policies, and programs for the department. She said her appointment by the NEC last week is legal, and she will remain in office and continue her work.


Joseph Klapat on the other hand, was reinstated by the National Court as the Secretary for Community Development, Religion and Youth, last Friday.


This followed two years of court battle with his Deputy Ms. Solomon. Mr. Klapat said that he himself is confused now, adding, he has also suffered a great deal over these years.


Mr. Klapat disappointingly said, the NEC decision and the court decision have stirred up more confusion. He admitted that since the court battle began in 2011, there was a split in the department.


Several more offices were established in Port Moresby, whilst many public servants in the provinces, and Port Moresby as well, most of the times were on holidays, but were on payroll.


Mr. Klapat is now hopeful that a favorable decision is made soon to settle this confusion, once and for all.

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