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Kiunga town strewn with rubbish

by Jim John

Cleaners in Kiunga, Western Province say more rubbish bins are needed in the main town for municipal solid waste disposal.

They say it is an eyesore to see solid waste like plastic bags, containers, tinned cans and many more including food waste scattered everywhere when rubbish drums are full.

Spokesperson, Huni Kup says they are picking up rubbish that is just dumped on the ground including rotten food, saying insects breed on rubbish and the town is becoming unhygienic.

Rubbish disposed in a public area in Kiunga Town.

He also said cleaners are doing their best to clean up the rubbish and are advising residents in Kiunga to be responsible for their own rubbish.

Deric Wau, who has been cleaning the town for more than 10 years says, rubbish should not be a problem if people change their attitudes and throw rubbish in proper bins.

Deric Wau pictured in-front of a pile of rubbish.

“We don’t want them to throw rubbish here. They must throw it in a proper way that we can easily pick up or maybe out where we will not see it. In here, when people are passing by, smell is everywhere, it’s unsafe, very bad smell comes up. Now we are smelling and standing. This is right in the heart of town. Rubbish should be thrown somewhere people will not smell or look at the rubbish. The store rubbish are here, human waste are also here and the market rubbish are here,” said Wau.

The town cleaners say, their requests for more rubbish bins and a dump truck to collect and move the rubbish out of the town have fallen on deaf ears.

The result is a build-up of piles and piles of rubbish all over Kiunga town. Not only is it an eyesore but a health hazard as well.

With the current surge of COVID-19 in Western Province, hygiene practices in public areas need to be upheld and maintained.

The cleaners say, this can be achieved if town authorities provide rubbish vehicles and drums to cater for solid waste disposal and if people change their attitudes and stop the habit of littering.

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