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Credit Corporation Partners with Project Yumi Inc on their Project Skul initiative to sponsor the setup of a fully equipped classroom for an Early Learning Centre

Kiki Early Learning Centre is a remote community school located in Baga Village, Tufi, in the Oro Province.  

The initiative marks the first major sponsorship a school in this region has received.

The Kiki Early Learning Centre offers Homeschooling Program for early child learning for Kindergarten and Per-school age groups and currently has 55 students from Baga village and four neighboring villages.

Credit Corporation’s sponsorship includes classroom furniture, such as school desks and chairs, along with two pallets of books and various educational materials.  

Credit Corporation Chief Executive Officer, Danny Robinson said, “Investing in education is vital for the growth and development of our communities, we are proud to contribute to the academic foundation of these young learners in Oro Province.”

Project Yumi Inc’s Project Skul initiative aims to improve educational outcomes for children in remote and underserved communities across Papua New Guinea. The collaboration with Credit Corporation exemplifies a shared commitment to fostering educational opportunities and providing valuable resources to those in need.

Matron of the Kiki Early Learning Centre ,Jeanne Ifuda, expressed her gratitude, stating that this sponsorship is a monumental step for the school and local community.

In addition to the classroom setup, Project Yumi Inc’s Project Helt partner, Solar Buddy, donated 10 solar panels and head lamps for the local regional health centres and Moore Printing also donated a water filtration system for the local community.

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