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Kiap Opposes the Campaign Idea of Basic Services Provision

No country in the world has been developed by members of parliament (MPs) providing basic services, Lucas Kiap told the people of the Kitip area of the Western Highlands province. He was on one of his campaign awareness.

Kiap, who is a mechanical engineer and an anti-corruption advocate, is well known for his strong voice against corruption in Papua New Guinea.

“I tend to differ from the ‘development’ that our politicians preach about because they talk about the kind of development that takes money from the poor and put it into the pockets of politicians and not about transforming the wellbeing and improving the quality of life of the people,” reiterated Kiap.

“No country in the world has been developed by MPs providing basic services.”

Kiap said all candidates and sitting MPs want to provide basic services if they win, but that has been the same trend in the last 40 years.

“Candidates and MPs have been preaching about delivering basic services but the country still lacks basic services,” he continues.

Kiap said he had never heard of a country that has been developed by MPs providing basic services, yet after 40 years of PNG’s Independence, MPs and candidates still preach about delivering basic services.

“I feel sorry for PNG. We are lost, confused and doomed. With increasing poor population growth, high unemployment and increase in law and order problems, PNG is becoming more and more dangerous, a failed state.”

The Western Highlands Regional candidate says his awareness is simply educational and aimed at liberating the people.

“My awareness is liberating our people about how countries are run to transform its economy from one economic growth stage to another, from low income country to middle income country to finally a high income country. My vision for WHP and PNG is about economic transformation because that’s the solution to the country’s growing poor population and high unemployment.” Kiap passionately says.

Kiap the son of  former Council President of the Mul LLG in WHP, is contesting for the Western Highlands regional seat which is currently being held by long-time politician and MP, Paias Wingti.

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