Keeping your New Year Resolutions

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by Kiwiana Ngabung – EMTV Online, Port Moresby

As we head into another year, I’m pretty sure many of you have already decided on what your resolutions will be for 2017. It’s a tradition people all over the world do.

However, statistics in America show that only 8% achieve their results.

So here are a few tips on how you can be part of the successful crowd:

1. Do it for YOU

So for a start, you need to have a resolution. Decide on what you want.

Don’t try to work on it just because someone told you to, or because you think you should do it. Have a resolution (or resolutions) that you owe yourself, and are very eager to work on.

2. Be specific and clear

Clearly, define what you want to get out of your resolution(s).

If you want to be fit, be specific by establishing how much you want to weigh by year end, or how much you want to lose by midyear, or what you’ll do. This brings me to my next tip…

3. The smaller the better

It’s better to break down the bigger goals to smaller ones that can be worked on a weekly or monthly basis.

Say if you want to save money, figure out a way you can do that. Maybe by putting a certain amount fortnightly into a piggy bank, or spending a specific amount on certain things like household items. The small acts will help you reach your ultimate goal.

4. Share it with your circle of friends

You’ll definitely need that motivation boost from friends and family.

So share your goals and get your people to encourage you along the way, and they may even give you a kick in the butt if you’re slacking away. You may even find someone who’s already been down the same path as you, to help you through yours.

5. Remind and Repeat

Most people would list down what they want and work on it, but by the second week they are so over it.

Keep reminding yourself that you have to work on your goals. A daily reminder or a reminder for every two weeks is good. Set reminders on your phone, or create an awesome screensaver on your desktop, or put sticky notes in your diary or on the TV and give yourself that nudge to keep going.

6. Positive vibes

You wouldn’t achieve any of your resolution(s) if you didn’t believe in yourself.

So always have a positive attitude towards working on your resolutions, and trust that you can succeed. Along with your reminders, you can always have an encouraging message to give you the positive vibes and more confidence. And surround yourself with supportive people.

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