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It’s a man! It’s a bird! It’s a canoe!

Image: Gogodala Canoe being brought into the Nature Park in its original state (Pic courtesy of Nature Park)

An uncommon sight for visitors at Port Moresby Nature Park took place earlier this week when a 19.4m Gogodala River Canoe was transported through the air by crane to its new display.

For the last two years, the canoe has been in the restricted area of the Nature Park. Due to its length and weight, park staff had been unable to move it into public view. However, when LCR PNG Ltd heard about the Park’s predicament, it decided to come to the rescue.

A special harness with wheels was built for the canoe to enable it to be wheeled easily; however, a large crane had to be used to hoist the canoe over the Park’s fence and large trees that had prevented it from being moved in the first instance.

However, crane, tractors and pullies aside, it came down to brute, human strength from both LCR and Nature Park staff to finally get the canoe the last 30mins into its new resting place alongside the pathway leading to its new resting place near the wedding chapel.

Port Moresby Nature Park’s General Manager, Michelle McGeorge said, “We’re very grateful to LCR PNG for making time to help us move the canoe. We are so happy to have this piece in the Park and are pleased that visitors can now appreciate the canoe and its story.”

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