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Irupara Villagers Concern


By Eric Haurupma – EMTV News, Port Moresby


Irupara Villagers from Rigo District in Central province have voiced their concerns over the impacts of climate change.

These effects come through rising sea levels and strong wind surges that have caused flooding in the area.

EMTV News travelled to Irupara village and observed these challenges.

Villagers said impacts of sea surges and strong winds bring about considerable damages to properties, homes, and human lives.

The flat terrain of the land and the closeness of the village to the sea are geographical factors that cause water to flood the village during high tide.

Responding to these occurrences, local villager Lui Alama said continuous mangrove clearing by the locals creates a waterway for the high tide to flood the village through the Alewai River.

Meanwhile, finding adaptation measures to contain the hazards and preserving mangroves can be a natural protection system.

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