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Ipatas Calls out for Australian Police Aid

The rise in Law & Order Issues in the country has caused Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, to call out for the intervention of the Australian Federal Police.

Ipatas made the urgent call out in Port Moresby today, stating that the parliament must now revisit the Enhance Co-operation Program (ECP) that was signed between the Australian and PNG Government in 2004.

The breakdown of law and order across the country has reached a critical point. Evidence of which is heard and seen every day at all levels of society.

Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas says, the ordinary citizens are the ones feeling the pain.

Sir Peter called on the National Government, to revisit the Enhanced Co-operation Program which involved sending 300 Australian Police and up to 60 bureaucrats to PNG, this time, to focus on law & order issues.

He says, Police as law enforces have not been performing their constitutional duties such as investigating and making arrests and such have contributed to the increase in law and order issues in the country.

Sir Peter added that Papua New Guineans must stop their prideful attitude of being independent and start to admit when help is needed. He stressed that Law & Order is prerequisite to development and must be taken seriously by the government.

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