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In this episode of Haus & Home Chef Veari cooks up a tasty Zenag Chicken Sticky Honey & Lime recipe. Also learn a few tips on lifting your gas cylinder safely on Origin GasTok

This was revealed by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.


The National Capital District Commission and the Central Provincial Government have come up with a number of initiatives to relax the ban on buai for Central Province.


A dialogue between the two governments has started, following the petition by Central Province Governor Kila Haoda for the lifting of the buai ban.


 Vehicle owners from Central have been asked to supply vehicle registration information to NCDC.


Once that is in place, these vehicles will not be checked at the check point.


NCD Governor Powes Parkop challenged all these vehicle owners to maintain trust by respecting the ban in place.


Other initiatives include Central Province managing the 2 wholesale buai markets outside Port Moresby, and NCD police not to intrude into Central Province for buai ban operations.


Governor Parkop says he will not allow the city to go back to its pre ban status but find win -win solutions for both NCD and Central Province.


If vehicle owners from Central are found smuggling buai, into the city, the exemption will be revoked.

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