Girls Give Hope At Lae’s Bumayong Settlement

After dropping out of High School, three girls began a mission to help other teenage girls to cope with life.

They have pulled together, women and girls in their community, to teach each other, how to read and write, make bilums, and sew Meri blouses to sell.


The girls say they hope to help other girls live a better life.


The girls have pulled together all of the women. They meet at a canvas tent once a week to fellowship, teach each other to make bilums, and sew blouses to sell. They have also made little money for their group, by selling what they have made.


This may seem insignificant to some, but within communities such as Bumayong known for it's high crime rates, associated with drug problems, simple unity has helped many women deal with the challenges they face every day.


Miriam Kondi’s story is similar to many other girls; she dropped out from high school, but chose a more positive role within her community.


“We will stand firm to change Lae and the rest of Papua New Guinea,” she says.

It’s rare to see women or even girls play pivotal roles in a culture dominated by men. Women and girls often don’t get an equal chance.”


The internet has showed the treatment of women in this country, often by those entrusted to keep them safe, husbands, Uncles, fathers and other men within their kin. The problem has plagued us and will continue, if not addressed.


But, these girls, have become role models, and by doing this, they have attracted help. Lutheran Youth Coordinator, Ruben Mete, has been at the forefront of youth mission’s when he was approached by the girl’s last week.


“They will get administrative skills, so this is just something, we’d like to provide,” he says.


Women and Girls in Papua New Guinea are deprived, and often marginalized from opportunity, for many reasons, often by men. But while the solution isn’t near, small steps have already been taken by the new generation.

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