Get Organised this New Year

The beginning every year is a time to start afresh, and as the all too common phrase goes ‘out with old and in with the new’. You may begin your year with new goals, a new look, or even a new pair of shoes.

But if you’re planning on making some changes to your home, office space, bedroom, or may be by getting rid of all the junk you might have accumulated over the past year, here are a few tips to help ease with what might feel like such a daunting task:

“Keep it, trash it, or donate it.”

Go through everything you’re going to organise. Examine each individual item and make a conscience decision as to whether or not you want to ‘keep it, trash it or donate it’.

And where possible you can even decide to ‘sell it.’

Most people have a tendency to keep things that they don’t necessarily need, or would even use. As a result, be sure to really think about whether or not your even going to use a certain item before you decide to place it in the ‘keep it’ pile.


Everything in the ‘trash it’ pile goes straight into the bin.

This particular point may be difficult for some people because some of the things you decide to throw out may have sentimental value.

BUT after all that is thrown out you’ll feel a lot lighter having left a lot of that junk in the bin.


All the things in the ‘donate’ pile should be packed away. If you know who you wish to give certain items to, if not all of those items to, then you should pack them away until you decide when those items will be given away.

In the event that you do not have anyone in mind, store them away and until you find someone who might need them. On the other hand, you could always sell those items.


Now this is where the organising comes in.

The ‘keep it’ pile will be everything you don’t intend to trash or donate. Therefore all those items can be arranged neatly on shelves or draws, whatever it maybe depending on the item.

At this stage of your cleaning, and organising you will realise that there will be a lot less to put away. This is because most of the stuff you had was already used or you may not have needed, hence these items may have already been added to the ‘trash it’ or ‘donate it’ piles.

By the end of the day you will have a cleaner room, home, office, shed, desk, whatever it maybe. But most importantly you will have a cleaner more organised space to begin your new year without having to worry about all the junk from the year before.

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