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Enga Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector George Kakas said his men will act swiftly to effect immediate arrest on lawbreakers over the festive period and into the New Year. 

PPC Kakas was responding to calls made by the Medical Superintendent of the Kandep District Hospital Dr Robert Imambu for police to arrest the main suspects who hijacked the rural hospital’s only ambulance which was later recovered by police.

PPC Kakas said that police quickly acted upon the carjacking after receiving an urgent distress call from the hospital. 

Kakas said that his fully armed men upon intelligence reports followed an old road track into a secluded village that had no escape route.

Kakas said that the stolen ambulance was well hidden and camouflaged behind a gorge like landform impossible to sight from a distance. 

He expressed satisfaction to his men for their courage into enemy territory where the risk of being shot at was inevitable. 

Kakas pointed out the main suspect escaped on foot into the nearby gorge.

He said the suspect is known to police and will be arrested and charged.

The stolen ambulance was abandoned near Walipin village outside of the Kandep government station by a former employee of a mining company.

Kakas said the suspect will be dealt with accordingly by the law and imprisoned forthwith as his men are on the ground to effect arrest. 

Meanwhile, the Enga Provincial Health Authority Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Jephlet Elvis commended PPC Kakas for retrieving the stolen ambulance and fully restoring the operations of the Kandep District Hospital after two days of mayhem. 

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