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City Hall Announces Regulation in Buai Sales and Promises Services to Settlements

The National Capital District Commission via City Hall says the Buai (betel nut) ban will be regulated.

According to the NCDC, buai can be sold in specific areas like Gerehu and Nine mile.

NCD’s sitting Governor, Powes Parkop says they are working on enforcing it.

“Betel nut is allowed back, but it should be sold in specific sites,” says Parkop.

The buai trade is lucrative. It can make up to K20,000 a week for buai sellers who trade in bulk.

Parkop was asked by the media to clarify the buai ban issue after vendors were allegedly beaten by police in recent incidents in the city.

“I have immediately raised the concern with the Metropolitan Superintendent, I’ve given all the information regarding the vehicle number plate, the time and location.”

The sitting governor said this after claims that vendors were beaten up to smear his election campaigns.

Parkop also announced that if he returns to office, he will bring water and electricity into settlements.

“They should be entitled to the same infrastructure and services like the planned suburbs, so I am focused on the two areas, when we modernise the Motu-Koitabus.”

The commission is also aware of the Ela Beach developments.

Parkop says the contractor, China Harbour is working to complete on schedule for the APEC 2018 meet.


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