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Calls to Change Customary Land Laws

The Customary Land Law Foundation is calling on the government to change existing land laws to ensure customary land owners benefit from their land.

Director Dr. Onne Rageai says, the country cannot continue to rely on foreign land laws.

He says customary land owners and parliamentary leaders must work together to have customary land registered.

He says, the current were adopted during the colonial era.

And they are the cause of land owner problems like, land grabbing.

For many years, land owners have not benefited from developments on their land.

The director says, parliamentary leaders must work together with land owners, to have their land register under the customary land law.

Adding that the customary land law is the right way of land registration, and not by way of Integrated Land Group or ILG registration.

Customary Land Law Foundation was created to ensure customary land owners fully benefit from their land.

And they have been working on ways to help land owners register their land under the customary land law.

The director says, land owner groups must become members of the foundation.

And the foundation is the vehicle to drive customary land law and to advance the commercial interests of land owners.

The director further stressed on the importance of compulsory land registration, under the customary land Law.

He says, to develop customary land, compulsory land registration is a pre – requisite and a mutual agreement must be signed with the government and the developers.

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