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Bishop: Sorcery-related violence must be addressed

Head Bishop of Enga Good News Lutheran Church, Reverend David Piso, urged the National and Provincial Governments to support Churches to address sorcery in communities.

Reverend Piso said sorcery has become popular in Enga Province recently.

One way to address this important issue is to be in the Church.

Bishop, Reverend David Piso, said if sorcery is not being addressed well, sanguma practice and the killing of innocent lives will go out of hand.

The Church’s stand is that sorcery is an evil practice, and the best way for people to get assistance is to lead a strong Christian life.

The Bishop said women and girls are dying at the hands of adults, particularly men, who are supposed to respect women.

Enga Provincial government is funding Churches in Enga Province to change the mindsets of people to eradicate the belief in sorcery practice.

Reverend Piso said too much talking about sanguma can affect the brain in believing that sorcery is real.

He further explained that even if sorcery was real, good must trump over evil.

Led by the Bishop, the Sau Good News Lutheran Church at Wapenamanda in Enga Province held a week long crusade, to address sorcery, drug, homebrew and tribal fight problems at the Community level.

So far, more people repented and more than 200 grown marijuana plants were uprooted.

A Police Prosecutor, Roman Sangan said the National Government and law enforcers cannot do much to change people’s mindsets and address Drug and Sanguma problems.

Sangan said they need to support churches to fight this issue as it is also a spiritual fight.

Meanwhile, Reverend Piso said similar crusades will be held in all parts of Enga to educate men especially to change their mindsets.

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