Bawa: Police Must Secure Public Confidence

Actions by police force officers have been a concern of the general public over the years.

Their conduct towards the public has left the public in fear for their safety as citizens of this country.


However, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa says, police conduct is vital to give public confidence in safer communities. Officers must act and bring confidence back to the force, Bawa added.


He said despite the force struggling with logistic support, housing woes and discipline, the force has a lot to do.


Police misconduct has caused huge liabilities paid by the police department and state. Commander Bawa emphasized that no one is above the law as it applies to everyone in the country.


Mr Bawa is making a call to all police officers to use common sense as a tool in workplace.


Meanwhile Mr Bawa said, 8 police officers will appear before the court in regard to the slashing of over 15 Morobe Youths at 7 mile in Port Moresby in 2012.

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