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Ashton Kutcher Gushes About Fatherhood

Ashton Kutcher’s appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show was simply delightful. The actor talks where the name Wyatt Isabelle came from and the happiness fatherhood has brought him.

Their bundle of joy, Wyatt was born on the 1st of October and prenatal period became difficult when Ashton and partner Mila Kunis realised that the baby name they had come up with was not feeling right.

Ashton with the lovely Mila Kunis brought their name board back to start over, and if you thought they were going deep and significant to finding the perfect name, think again.

“We had another name picked out,” he told Conan during his appearance on his talk show on Tuesday night.  “We got pregnant a couple of weeks after we picked the name but when we were pregnant, the name didn’t fit the energy we were feeling. One night, Mila was like, ‘this is not the name.’ I was like, ‘okay, it’s not the name.’”

Ashton had to be really creative and started just calling random names, basically everything he could name; he did until he got it.

“Then I was like, ‘I’ve got a really dumb idea. What about Wyatt?’ She goes, ‘That’s it.’”

And Wyatt’s middle name was chosen in honour of Mila’s heritage. 

“We gave her the name Isabelle after Mila’s grandfather, who was Yitzhak. And so it has a little heritage,” the actor added.

After settling with the name, the couple went straight on the internet to register it. 

“We immediately went home and reserved all the domain names,” he revealed. “We’ve got the Twitter handle – the Instagram – everything you could possibly get –  I don’t want a porn site with my daughter’s name!”

And get this: Wyatt already has an email address. Of course she does.

“We write her emails,” revealed Ashton. “One day she’ll be able to look at it and see the kinds of things people had to say”.”

A month into being a father, Ashton could hardly say anything bad about his little girl. His time taken off for quality time with family is insanely awesome, especially with Wyatt.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s the greatest thing on earth. As soon as this child was born, I wanted to immediately call my parents and just apologise because I never knew how much they loved me.”

“Staying home, I’ve learned the little things that will calm down the baby. So I feel like I’m the baby whisperer now,” he grinned.

Fortunately for them, Wyatt is an angel as she hasn’t given the new parents any sleepless nights.

Ashton revealed that the trio will be dressing up as the ‘Three little pigs’ for Halloween.

“Not my idea, but I’m sucking it up.”

Sounds like Ashton and Mila are going to be amazing parents to Wyatt. 

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