Archbishop Ribat On Prioritizing Values

Today marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the foundation of Christian faith. Archbishop John Ribat from the Catholic Church reminded Christians of values amidst the chaos in our busy lives.

Speaking with EMTV he said we are being faced with a lot of physical and spiritual challenges and we need to start prioritizing values.

Easter is a very important and significant time on the Christian Calender. It gives hope of salvation after life.

Catholic Archbishop John Ribat says for Christians it is a way of life.

He said Christians today are facing physical and mental challenges that inturn affect their spiritual life.

With the bombardment of technology the young generation is at risk of losing focus on simple Christian values – values that contribute to ethical and moral standing in society.

On a broader context he said it’s important to have faith in something good as opposed to something evil. For instance he said sorcery has been a common belief in many PNG societies, it’s not seen but because people believe in it, it drives them to commit atrocities against suspected perpetrators. Faith has to be diverted to something more positive, the Christian belief is a better recommendation.

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