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June 13, 2021
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Access Restricted to National Criminal Database System

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The officers of the Law and Justice sector of Momase received a week-long training on the development of the National Criminal Database System, led by the National Justice Department.

The officers of each of the agencies in the sector, who will be managing the system, will only be given access to their area of responsibility.

The National and Supreme Court Registrar, Ian Augerea, said all Law and Justice Sector should manage the system in an organized manner.

” It is sort of getting what we are doing now manually; and putting it through an organized electronic process. This  will be more efficient for the agencies involved as well as providing more information for the decision-makers in each agency,” Augerea said

There is a case-tracking system for each agency which includes Police, the Courts and the Correctional Institutions.

Each officer using the system is only given access to their own respective sector they are responsible for.

The police will begin entering of data that contain information of the offender which includes name, gender and fingerprints, to name a few.

The same information will be uploaded and accessed by the district courts, the National and Supreme Court. Any additional data will be added by the Correctional Institutions.

A police officer will not have the access to view information under the District Court. He can only upon request and if permitted by higher authorities of the National Justice Department.

The Law and Justice sector will have to work together in a coordinated and efficient manner to manage this criminal database system across the country. The system is a very important tool for crime management in the country.

The National and Supreme Court Registrar calls on the officers of the Law and Justice Sector to commit themselves when processing data onto the system.

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