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Abel says ANGAU needs Help

Image: Planning, and Acting State Enterprise Minister and Alotau MP, Charles Abel


Acting State Enterprise Minister and Alotau MP, Charles Abel has called for interim actions to be taken to manage ANGAU’s problems which include the cancer facility needing a specialist, and equipment.

The ANGAU Cancer Treatment Facility without a specialist and equipment has received more high-level attention.

Today, acting State enterprise Minister, Charles Abel said ANGAU’s infrastructures will be rebuilt, including a new cancer facility.

But it all depends on how fast the Australian government releases the K400 million funding part of the Manus Asylum seeker deal.

“ K200 million from the Manus Asylum deal will go towards building Angau that should include a new cancer facility,” says Abel.

But, while that is in the long term, Charles Abel who is also the Planning Minister, says in the interim the Health Department will have to look for a new cancer specialist amongst all the other problems ANGAU is facing.

It’s understood that yesterday the Health Minister, Michael Malabag, announced that the Health Department is recruiting three cancer specialists including one from Australia who will treat cervical cancer.

Health Authorities are acting now amidst the continuous public outcry to fix ANGAU’s problems.

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