A Battle Against Nature’s Onslaught

The battle against rising sea level is one that Papua New Guinea will lose eventually, says an environment expert.

While the government and other organizations talk about planting new trees to help reduce carbon emissions, Professor Simon Saulei, says the problem is much bigger than it seems.


Professor Saulei from the PNG Forest Research Institute in Lae says, Papua New Guinea is on the verge of seeing waves of climate refugees in the next few years.


“The problem of rising sea level has begun… and it is here to stay. All we need to do is to take it seriously”, Professor Saulei said.


Climate change is surely transforming the lives of the people. The ordinary way of living is expected to change in a big way; land shortage and a drop in level of food production will become common.


“There is a high possibility that food and homes will be destroyed… and it has already happened in various parts of the country”, Saulei said.


On EMTV about a month ago, the people of Panudau Island in Madang have been fighting a battle against nature to protect their island home from going under.


In recent years, more concerns have been centered around plans and strategies to address the issue of climate change and its impact on the lives of ordinary people.


With the sea level rising every year and lack of meaningful action from the government, many villages along the coastlines will be displaced by nature’s onslaught.

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